Pickleball program was added as an adaptive sport to keep with the inclusive nature of the organization. It is a simple paddle game played with a baseball-sized wiffleball over a tennis-type net on a Badminton-sized court. Over 1,800 players have graduated from the program and have used the sport to integrate back into society. Pickleball can enhance self-confidence and self-efficacy.

our coaches

Gabriel (Gabe) George

jacksonville, fl (US Navy Retired)

I am a retired Navy corpsman and currently an adapative athlete who competes in Pickleball, Paralympic Archery, sailing, and a few other adapative sports & recreational activities. The Military Adaptive Court Sports program is a way I can share my experiences and give back to those who have served.

Clinics held at these locations:

  • Fort Family Park, Jacksonville, FL

  • VA Hospital Lake City, Lake City, FL

  • George

  • Texas

Jerry Northwood

Tallahassee, fl (US Army Retired)

I am an honorable discharged 1st LT and am an instructor for both racquetball and pickleball for the Prescott VA for the past 7 years. A recent move to Florida has me looking to continue working with Vets in the Leon County area. Military Adaptive Court Sports program has allowed me to share my vast coaching experiences to a much deserved population.

Clinics held at these locations:

  • VA at Prescott, AZ

  • VA at Tallahassee, FL

Earl Stitt, III

Las Vegas, NV (US Air Force Lt. Col. Retired)

I desire a volunteer position that will benefit my broad professional background and capitalize on my strong work ethic. I enjoy working with the public in a team-oriented atmosphere, but also excel in an independent environment. Working for, and with, our military and veterans is my number one desire.

2015 Grand Junction Veterans Administration – Support with Project Healing Waters, River Runners, and Pickleball, *2019 – 2020 Southern Nevada Pickleball Club – Trustee, responsible for the Veteran’s Program.