The Badminton Program was added as an additional means for veterans, service members, and their families to heal through adaptive court sports. It is also a part of the free, six-week instructional program. This court sport helps reduce depression, anxiety, and stress and improves overall mood and sleep. 

Our Coaches

thomas Shek

Atlanta, GA (Civilian)

At the age of 8, I was introduced to badminton by my father, who doesn’t even play. After being on the Hong Kong Junior Squad, my family moved to the United States several years later. Even though I did not play immediately after moving to the states, my love for the sport never wavered. I created the Southwest Florida Badminton Club in 2008 and took charge of the badminton coaching program for the Lee County Parks & Recreation Department.

It’s been a quick and steady rise into the world and business of badminton; from player development to organizing tournaments to navigating the various levels and experiences required to become not just a USA Badminton-Certified Coach and National Referee, but a PanAmerican Badminton Accredited Umpire as well.

In 2017, I worked as the Assistant Badminton Coach and Club Manager at ClearOne Sports Center. In 2021, the Atlanta Recreation Club offered me the positions of Badminton Director and Club Manager.

Everything I’ve accomplished over my life has brought me closer and closer to my dream of making badminton one of the mainstream sports in the United States. And I’ve only gotten started.