Pickleball program was added as an adaptive sport to keep with the inclusive nature of the organization. It is a simple paddle game played with a baseball-sized wiffleball over a tennis-type net on a Badminton-sized court. Over 1,800 players have graduated from the program and have used the sport to integrate back into society. Pickleball can enhance self-confidence and self-efficacy.



Racquetball instruction program is tailored to the needs of veterans and active-duty service members with visible and invisible injuries and their families. It is the first adaptive court sport adopted by service members under the name Military Racquetball Federation. These nationwide racquetball programs are FREE and available to any/all veterans who have served in the military with (any type) of combat injuries.



The Badminton Program was added as an additional means for veterans, service members, and their families to heal through adaptive court sports. It is also a part of the free, six-week instructional program. This court sport helps reduce depression, anxiety, and stress and improves overall mood and sleep.    

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Boccia ball

Boccia is the latest program added to MACS. It is a precision ball sport, similar to bocce. Boccia was developed for wheelchair users and is a competitive Paralympic sport. This adaptive sport involves mindfulness and causes you to hone your concentration and really live in the moment. The key is to enter a zen-like state that focuses on the here and now, the weight of the ball, and your target down the court.