2020 3WallBall Pro-Am Fundraiser

MRF ProAm Doubles at the 3 WallBall World Pro Championships

The MRF would like to express their gratitude to the players who stepped up and donated to the event and to the pros who volunteered to be their partners. The evening was fun and filled with friendly competition. Mike Blackney and Jose Diaz emerged as the 2020 ProAm Doubles Champions defeating Steven Harper and Adam Manilla in the final match of the evening. We would also like to thank Mike Coulter and 3 WallBall for once again inviting the MRF to be a part of this great event.

Who are those masked players?????

Adam Manilla, Jason Sauer, Rhonda Rajsich, Mike Blackney, Janel Tisinger-Ledkins, Ernest Diemoz, Norm McNutt, Ken Shockley, Michelle De La Rosa, Daniel De La Rosa, Howard Chennault, Carla Munoz, David Nix, Freddy Ramirez, Jose Diaz

Not pictured Geoff Holmes, Wendall Pelham, Doug Fulp, Steven Harper, Vic Mandella